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HIGARD (M) SDN BHD provides comprehensive water and wastewater treatment solutions, chemical manufacturing, engineering and fabrication as well as design and setting up of water and wastewater treatment systems.

Our core business is in providing Total Solution in Water Treatment. Our business philosophy is to provide complete solutions to our customers and to ensure our customers get the return on their investment in us.

We are involved in outsourcing business in which we design, finance, build, operate and maintain water treatment systems for our customers. No heavy initial capital investment is required from our customers.

We also provide solutions in recycling bio-sludge with the objective of preserving the environment. In the management of water treatment system, by-products from the system will be converted into commercially useful products for agricultural purposes.

We are well represented in Asia and have associated companies in China and Singapore providing chemical and engineering solutions.

Higard (M) Sdn Bhd 能够提供全面的原水和废水处理、生产化学品、工程和设备安装,同时设计和装配原水和废水处理系统。





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